Below is a list of answers to questions you may want to ask us about splidu, our app or our platform. If you still need to speak with someone from our team about our app, booking process or simply leave feedback, please use click below to contact us.

Can I book a private event?

Absolutely, our private chef solution will cater to a wide range of events that you would like to host with a variety of offerings to suit different requirements.

Where are splidu’s events held?

Every one of our specially curated experiences offers an opportunity for meaningful, inclusive, memorable, singular and epicurious connections. The events are held in a multitude of locations either mentioned in advance of the experience and in some cases a secret location which is confirmed 24 hours before the experience

What is splidu

splidu aims to be a leading experience booking app that connects food lovers with each other and with one-off, enthralling and unparalleled occasions, getaways, and unique dining experiences.

What’s included in the booking?

The experience will clearly articulate what is part of the offering. In case of any clarifications, our chat functionality allows you the opportunity to chat directly with the experience provider or you can get in touch with one of our team membersThe experience will clearly articulate what is part of the offering. In case of any clarifications, our chat functionality allows you the opportunity to chat directly with the experience provider or you can get in touch with one of our team members

How many people can book?

Each experience will detail how many seats are available to book and whether there are any restrictions of the number of seats you can book per booking/reservation - rest assured, you will find the details on the app when booking an experience.

What is splidu's cancellation policy?

splidu has a generic cancellation policy which you can find on the app, our website, and embedded in each experience. Being a food tech aggregator, an experienced provider may have their own cancellation policy per experience and we encourage everyone to ensure they read the details of the cancellation policy prior to making a booking or cancellation/re-scheduling. In some cases, you might be entitled to a refund for an experience (e.g. if you cancel within a specified time frame listed on the experience page). In such cases, the refund will be automatically credited to your splidu wallet and not to your credit card. You will then be able to use the credit in your wallet to pay for future experiences. If you prefer the refund to be credited back to your credit card, you can request this by contacting splidu. splidu will deduct 11% of the refund value due towards fees (payment gateway processing fees and admin charges) for this transaction as listed in our Terms and Conditions policy.

How are guests seated?

Each experience provider decides how they run their experience and that is part of the fun!

What kind of food/menu is served?

Our experience providers have carefully curated specific menus for the experience which is articulated in the details of the experience. Some may hold back the details of the exact menu to create a sense of excitement and intrigue for guests, as part of the entire experience.

Do I need vaccination proof?

Our experience providers will articulate whether guests need to be vaccinated and whether proof of the same needs to be provided.

Is there a menu available?

The experience details section will indicate whether it is an open menu that you can review or whether an experience provider has chosen to keep it a surprise for their guests. Whether it is available or not, you don't want to miss it!

Where can I let splidu know about my dietary restrictions?

While booking an experience, you will be asked to confirm any dietary preferences, likes/dislikes and allergens, if not indicated during the profile creation stage.

Is there a dress code?

The dress code details, if any, will be mentioned in the experience details page.

Can I host a dinner at my home?

Absolutely. Some of our chefs are open to host an experience at the comfort of your home - at a price! :D Please reach out to the team at splidu for more information.

Is there parking available?

Each experience is at a different location and the logistics and parking information will be provided in the experience details section.

Is the event indoors or outdoors?

Each experience is unique in its own way and the details of which, if relevant, will be mentioned in the experience details section.

Where can I leave a review?

At the end of an experience, you will be prompted to provide feedback on the experience. The rating will be averaged with other ratings to provide the overall score. The written feedback will only be visible to the experience provider and splidu super users. This information will not be published and will be used to further improve our service levels to our guests.