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We’re an experience and lifestyle brand offering curated underground dining experiences, private chefs and exclusive events. We give our users the freedom and confidence to discover, interact and connect with other lovers of spectacular adventure, taste, entertainment and travel. We are the ‘go to’ app for experiences and escapes that you can’t find easily or book so seamlessly. We exist to connect experience lovers with each other and with one off, enthralling occasions, getaways and unique dining moments - while creating unparalleled memories.

a new experience revolution

In a fast paced, high tech world, we're all increasingly yearning to connect more deeply with friends, family and our community. We want and need to grow our sense of place and belonging.

And where best to do it than over a shared meal, event or memorable experience?

splidu’s founders are focused on revolutionising the exchange of unique experiences. By making them accessible, easy, secure, fun and simplified for each and every one. So begin your journey to more endlessly delicious and connected moments with splidu today.

fast facts

what are the origins of the name ‘splidu’?

It all began when two Dubai based friends, who enjoy new food and event experiences especially, came together to build an app that would make splitting dinner bills easier, thus ‘splidu’. This soon morphed into a passion to make the exchange of unique dining, food and life experiences easy, accessible, transformative and simplified for everyone.

what are splidu’s main app features?

The app provides discover and dine functionalities, booking verification and instant payment options, plus simplified bill splitting features that allow secure and quick transactions. Additionally splidu is a viable model to help chefs and cooks maximise their revenue and fill seats sustainably. With a focus on delivering more scalable, unparalleled experience moments.

what is the future vision for splidu?

The future of splidu is endlessly delicious as the brand focuses In a world where there is a “massive untapped industry” for innovation beyond a bricks and mortar experience delivery model. splidu instead offers a viable and peerless solution; the seamless on and offline connection that lovers of endlessly delicious experiences have been waiting for!

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