connect to an endlessly delicious life

Every one of our specially curated experiences offers an opportunity for meaningful, inclusive, memorable, singular and epicurious connections Lose yourself in a five-star dining, tasting and lifestyle experience for your next celebration, birthday party, or spontaneous gathering.


underground dining

indulge in secret, intimate and endlessly distinctive experiences

We’ve curated the best and hard-to-find chefs and eateries in Dubai in elusive locations that leave you wanting for more … Expect endlessly unexpected treats and delightful surprises from wunderkind chefs and local legends whose cooking finesse delivers their fiercely guarded secrets straight to your tastebuds.

private chefs

get to know the endlessly delectable stories behind the plates in front of you

Our private chef experiences allow you to book a private chef who can add an exciting new flavours to your special event. They deliver the finer side of dining, with long tasting menus and even top-tier wines...


access the ultimate in endlessly divine kitchen theatre

Our personalised supper club events give diners the opportunity to enjoy intimate experiences and memories they wouldn't access in a traditional restaurant. Connect with supper club hosts who enjoy interacting with their guests. Bring existing friends, and then make new ones. and see cooking techniques in action from up close. Experience the unique flair of a flavourful kitchen theatre.